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Lick_my_ass   (EDIT)
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ANAL SEX tip of the day...

If you want to learn more about practicing anal sex, there is a great book named "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women" which delivers the information you want in a relaxed, humorous, and matter a fact way. The book is a great guide for women and men wanting to expand their repertoire in the bedroom. I suspect that MANY a women have at least conisdered having anal sex sometime during their sexual life. This book tells you what you can expect. A great primer on something more people need to OPEN themselves up to. You know you want to.

Of all sexual acts, anal sex is the most misunderstood. Below we demystified anal sex.
1. The anus is dirty: with routine daily hygiene, the anus is as clean as other parts of your body. It does contain its own natural bacteria, though, and to avoid infections, you must never move anything from your anus to your vagina.
2. Anal sex is painful: Anal sex should not be painful. If it hurts, you are doing something wrong. If you learn the proper techniques prior to experimenting, you may find it enjoyable.
3. Anal sex is harmful and unhealthy: many women fear that anal sex will cause hemorrhoids, fissures or tears. Some even fear that they may become incontinent and spend the rest of their lives in adult diapers. Pleasurable anal sex does not cause harm to your anus or rectum.
4. Anal sex is a perverted, unnatural act: Anal sex has been an accepted sexual practice for centuries. In some cultures, women engage in anal sex with their male partners for sexual pleasure while protecting their virginity.
5. Anal sex is enjoyed only by homosexuals: long considered a purely homosexual act, anal sex is enjoyed by many heterosexual couples as well. Anal sex is simply another option for sexual gratification

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