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Asian sex tip of the day...

In the late 1970s, a few japanese adult content producers wanted to find ways of going beyond what the industry was showcasing at the time. On their quest for "crossing the line" adult producers got creative and shot films which first featured schoolgirls or secretaries who were willingly submmited to one man after another. On these movies, men would come from everywhere off camera to shower them with sperm in unison. Upon ejaculation, men silently left the scene only to be replaced by another "bukkake" ejaculator.
In some occasions, men first had sex with the girl prior to unloading their semen on her face. Bukkake came to be known as the term used to describe the sound of girls swallowing semen. Thus, we hear the term "Gokkun Girls" a lot. Idol: when referring to a "Semen Idol" Japanese men are describing a famous personality engaged in facials. They certainly love this practice if it involves a famous star...

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