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rabbit's recommended links for foot fetish (top rated since 09/27/2003 03:34:04 AM)

  • The Voluptuous: the best boobs on earth, big, round and full nipples. From the Score team.
  • The Leg Sex: legs as you have never seen before. Muscular, sheer pantyhose porn.
  • Foot Fetish: toe sucking and toe cumming at its best. Watch that tongue licking toe fingers.
  • Foot Jobs: watch guys dripping off semen between toes and ankles.
  • Do Oral Sex: Oral sex without swallowing is like french fries without ketchup. Check it out.
  • Spanking Videos: spank that ass videos. Slapping and licking assholes pics and videos.
  • Women in Pantyhose: torn-appart pantiehose sex. Ass fucking fishnet pantyhosed.

Leg Sex tip of the day...

Mixing leg fetish and anal sex can become an explosive combination to the senses. With Christmas in mind, Jon B. from Digital Doghouse came up with the appropriately titled Stocking Stuffers, a series that mixes leg fetish with anal sex.

“There’s something very sexy about stockings or fishnets or just about anything on women’s legs. But yeah, the thought did cross my mind that people shopping for Christmas presents might like the double entendre,” he said. Each of the six women in the video wear thigh-high stockings, with some of the women taking cumshots on their stockings then licking them off.

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