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rabbit's recommended links for gay sex (top rated since 09/11/2003 06:06:34 PM)

  • Voluptuous World: awesome "natural boobs" babes. No silicon. Just god-given marvelous juggs.
  • Lesbian Pictures: collection of photos of girls kissing girls. Lesbian Erotica at its best.
  • Lesbians Sex Photos: great blog with a few exclusive files on Lesbians.
  • Boys First Time: a fine sampling of young gays taking it for the first time. Explosive cumming.
  • Do Twinks: gay twinks at its best. Bear galleries and hairy messy fucks. Painful insertions.
  • Naughty Girls: Naughty girls doing naughty things. Threesome, gangbangs...
  • Amateur Porn: lots of galleries of amateur sex.
  • Orgies: a great selection of hardcore orgies and group sex links.
  • Lesbian Movies: one fine collection of lesbians videos. Young women licking it!

Gay Sex tip of the day...

Gay men look at every sexual encounter as a once-in-a-lifetime performance. While women get great stars for having food in the fridge for the next morning, gay men know that their partners may not hang around that long. They want everything to be perfect and do their best to design the most fabulous experience ever--whether they expect to see that person again or not. So while some of these tips may seem obvious, they're worth keeping in mind.

And always remember to shower. A nice shower is always a good idea whether he smells like he just got back from the gym or not. In your old life things were different. Perhaps, you were the wide receiver and he was an all-american quarterback. Today, your hands, mouth and nose will be in places they might not have been before you will want to be sure that you and your man are squeaky clean.

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