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  • The Voluptuous: voluptuous boobs and magnificient areolas. Only busty women.
  • Messy And Hairy: videos of complete cum mess on hairy pussies.
  • Orgies pics: watch pictures of wild group sex gangbanging fiercely. Deep sex.
  • Hand Jobs Videos: great masturbations scenes. Masterful strokes and expert hand shaking.

Hairy sex news from the past...

A bit of history on how Rodney Moore got into porn. "What's with Hairy Girls? Do you really like unshaved girls? Hairy pussies?"
Rodney: Actually, Wolf was the guy into the hairy girls. It [Image] all started with Samantha Bush, a Seattle girl I shot who was unshaved. I started getting lots of fan mail on her, then I heard about a magazine called HAIR TO STAY. On my next trip to Seattle I advertised for unshaved girls, shot two which became Seattle Hairy Girls Volume one, advertised it in the mag and it sold very well. I've actually grown quite fond of hairy bushes and treasure trails. I don't like designer bushes, Hitler bushes or bare. Trimmed is okay, but the full outline, nto the bikini line. I can take or leave armpit hair, sometimes it can be erotic to me. But I just can't get into hairy legs personally, the Hairy Girl fans love them, so I shoot the hairy legged girls.

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