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Latina sex news of the day...

Shooting porn in Cuba can be quite an adventure. From a story published on AVN back in 1999, producer/director Jim Gunn announced a new gonzo series, Luscious Latinas, the first volume of which supposedly featured the only known hardcore scenes shot on the island nation of Cuba.

"U.S. tourists aren't supposed to go to Cuba, and it's against Cuban law to shoot any kind of porn there, even softcore," said Gunn. "But there are a lot of beautiful women down there, and I really wanted to bring something new to the industry [because] so much porn on the market is just a variation of what's already out there."
Gunn said he recruited his talent for the video from in and around the Cuban capitol of Havana. He claims that, in order to shoot an outdoor scene with his first "discovery," a twenty-something brunette named Milagros, cast and crew had to sneak past "abundant military police" into the countryside. "Everybody was a little nervous," Gunn recounted. "[Stripping and performing hardcore sex for the camera] wasn't something any of them had considered before. We had an interpreter, and we started out just talking to the girls. First they'd pose nude, and when they were more comfortable, we'd agree to take things a little further...

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