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Connies_Panties   (EDIT)
My name is Constance and I sell my wet panties. They smell tangy like my pussy and I make sure that they arrived vacuum packed to preseve my pussy juice. I also offer a full money back satisfaction guarantee and the package does not mention that it hold wet panties after arousal. The cost of the panties is $35 and includes shipping and handling.
Tinas_Sexy_Panties   (EDIT)
Hi, my name is Tina, I'm 22 and college student who loves selling her used panties, used pantyhose and much more. When I get hot my pussy swells, throbs and my juice's flow and really make me want to masturbate or fuck! I always send a thank you note, with a lipstick kiss as well. Prices start at $10 and payments are made through Paypal.
Mommy_Phone_Sex   (EDIT)
Come in to see what these naughty moms keep in their panty drawers! Hot 1 on 1 phone action! Your own personal mommy phone pleasure guaranteed.
Miamis_Hot_Spot   (EDIT)
My own personal used panties. Dirty panties and worn panties for sale! Your first choice for all your worn panty fetishes. Experience a genuine non-smoking sexy panty babe. Wet cum stained thong fetishes! ...Masturbation is the most popular but I do that in the panties anyway as it gets the musky aroma going. I can provide pee panties, period panties even skid-mark panties sometimes...
Naughtybids_Canada   (EDIT)
We offer %100 Totally Free Adult Auctions/Adult dating and tons more. 'My name is Monica and I love to sell my wet, nasty , worn panties to people who enjoy the panty sniffing, licking or wearing experience. I live in the USA in Texas and have sold my wet panties all over the world for the last 2 years...'
Spicy_Panties   (EDIT)
Iím selling my spicy dirty used panties so if you want the taste of hot tight pussy cum and see me. Lacy

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