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SCORE Magazine MARCH ISSUE 2001 (Letha Weapons cover). SCORE original returns to the fold! Letha Weapons is back on the scene after several years away from the big boobed spotlight.

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Another one from Mary Carey...
Kick Ass Pictures exclusive Mary Carey has signed on to become Swank’s sex editor, a role she will fill beginning with the April 2005 issue of the Adult magazine. Carey describes Swank as “a naked magazine where bitches spread their twats.” As sex editor, Carey will pen a monthly column for the magazine that will run alongside exclusive photos of the performer, best known for her gubernatorial candidacy.
“The column will be about what’s going on in my life — what’s going on with my movies at Kick Ass, what city I’m dancing in, what celebrities I’m fucking, and what kind of lesbian sex Hannah Harper and I are having,” Carey told

On a related news, Harvard is getting into erotica?... The hallowed halls of Harvard won’t be the setting for any of the nude photos that will be carried in H-Bomb, but every nude photograph in the erotic bi-annual magazine will be of a Harvard student. A student over the age of eighteen, of course.
The “H-Bomb” is a phrase used to describe the way some Harvard alumni, primarily male, try to use their educational pedigree to woo the opposite sex. Fourteen members of the CCL voted in favor of the student-run magazine, two members abstained.
That makes the H-Bomb an official Harvard publication, though it does not mean that Harvard endorses the views that the magazine will contain nor does it mean that the H-Bomb will receive grants as many other student publications do. It just means that H-Bomb is an official Harvard publication.

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